Lawyers and Friends - SE European Legal Network
Babić & Partners, Croatia Čukić & Markov, Macedonia Jadek & Pensa, Slovenia Prica & Partners, Serbia
A group of leading law firms from the countries of former Yugoslavia have decided to set up a Best Friends Network to meet the needs of their clients. The core group of participating firms are: Babić & Partners, Zagreb, Croatia; Čukić & Markov, Skopje, Macedonia; Jadek & Pensa, Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Prica & Partners, Belgrade, Serbia.
Background Concept
Advantage to clients

The Network provides the following benefits for the client:

  • Assured level of quality and standards achieved through membership policies, best practices and quality control mechanisms.

  • Competitive price and cost effective approach. There are no associated costs, such as entry fees, that would be ultimately passed to the client. A single invoicing point can be provided, if the client so desires.

  • ”Familiar face”: The client may choose a familiar lawyer in any relevant jurisdiction to participate in the work done for the client.

  • Expertise: Smaller legal markets cannot support large practice groups. The Network enables the formation of practice groups operating across the region. Teams and expertise developed within the Network may be shifted easily across jurisdictions.