Lawyers and Friends - SE European Legal Network
Babić & Partners, Croatia Čukić & Markov, Macedonia Jadek & Pensa, Slovenia Prica & Partners, Serbia
A group of leading law firms from the countries of former Yugoslavia have decided to set up a Best Friends Network to meet the needs of their clients. The core group of participating firms are: Babić & Partners, Zagreb, Croatia; Čukić & Markov, Skopje, Macedonia; Jadek & Pensa, Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Prica & Partners, Belgrade, Serbia.

Participating firms believe that value for clients is best provided through advice based on international standards of legal practice as well as in-depth knowledge of local law and business climate.

Independent local professionals are best positioned to offer both of these qualities.

Countries of former Yugoslavia have notable differences but also have much in common. Their laws and regulations function in a similar historical and linguistic context and are affected by global developments in similar ways. Cooperation between lawyers practicing in different countries of former Yugoslavia can bring immense benefits to the client who does business across the region. Working together on transactions and through informal gatherings for a number of years lawyers in participating firms have established mutual collegial respect but even more importantly have established excellent personal relationships. This provides a perfect setup for the Network.

Concept Advantage to clients