Lawyers and Friends - SE European Legal Network
Babić & Partners, Croatia Čukić & Markov, Macedonia Jadek & Pensa, Slovenia Prica & Partners, Serbia
A group of leading law firms from the countries of former Yugoslavia have decided to set up a Best Friends Network to meet the needs of their clients. The core group of participating firms are: Babić & Partners, Zagreb, Croatia; Čukić & Markov, Skopje, Macedonia; Jadek & Pensa, Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Prica & Partners, Belgrade, Serbia.

The Network is a loose alliance of leading independent law firms practicing within the region. There is no exclusivity and if client’s wishes or other circumstances so require, each firm will work with other firms in the region. Participating fi rms do not share their fees or profits. All firms in the Network apply internationally recognized professional and ethics standards and share their knowledge and experience.

Advantage to clients